Throwback Thursday

As part of the process of starting this new site and melding it with my previous writing, coaching, and websites, I thought it would be fun to share some older but relevant posts with you. Think of it as a bit of “Throwback Thursday” feature.

It might be the stir craziness of the extreme cold or perhaps the sunshine soaked days that some parts of the country are living with. Either way, it’s been in the air lately. People are talking about their bodies left and right – on Facebook, in coffee shops, at yoga classes, on the phone, I’ve been hearing all kinds of bodytalk. Some people are showing their bodies love and respect, while most are judging, hating, or, in a way, giving up on theirs.

In today’s post, I have 3 ways you can find your own version of perfect, embrace your flaws, and love your body. 

Perfect BodyWith Spring right around the corner, the talk about the “perfect” body had only begun. As warm weather hits, you might find yourself striving for perfection in your body. It’s not your fault and its’ not even wrong, necessarily. You’ve been told most of your life that a perfect body is a huge key to happiness. Happiness is definitely one of the most important things in life. This means that if you aren’t perfect, in your body, you need to be working towards perfection. And perfection equals flat abs, a tight butt, and tones thighs and arms. Anything less isn’t good enough and is flawed, or even worse…imperfect.

While this might be true in a dream world, reality is a far cry from this, and thankfully so. Perfection doesn’t have anything to do with how toned you are or aren’t. In reality, you are already perfect, with or without a size 2 waistline. Your differences and imperfections, the things you look at as “flaws”, are innately part of you, but they are not the WHOLE you. In fact, they only make up a small part.

When you focus so much on what you want to change, how others look, how you’ll be different in the future, the only thing you are doing is keeping yourself from truly living right now. It sets the ground for shame and stress to run rampant in your life, which can snowball into many other unhealthy habits. Stress makes you feel bad. It can make you feel tired, cranky, and downright crappy. When you feel this way, you are more likely to move your body less, socialize less, and make less healthy (and less tasty) choices in your food. It takes away the things that make you feel good in your life and sticks in some lackluster substitutes.

Um, that doesn’t sound so fun. Feel the same way?

subscribeHere are 3 Ways to Be Perfectly You:

Love yourself:

Ease up on yourself a bit. Cut yourself some slack. Forget about the things that aren’t perfect – they are what makes you you. not someone else. No one else is like you, which is why you are already so perfect.

Love your body:

Treat your body like a queen. Love it, nourish it, tune into what it really needs. Are you hungry, or just bored? Are you starving for quality food and some downtime? DO you need to get u p and move your body without the pressure of a workout? Take time to tune in and discover what your body needs, by showing it some love. When you can tune into your body and learn to nourish it. you begin to feel better. Once the nourishment hits you, you’ll strive to keep that feeling around.

Love how you feel, not just how you look:

Ever have one of those days where you feel fantastic, light, energetic, and downright awesome. Then you step on a scale or try to slip on your skinniest jeans and suddenly feel your energy deflate and your body (in your imagination) inflate? Me too. And it sucks the fun right out of your day.
Rather than striving for perfection, like a specific number or size, focus on how you feel. You feel fantastic, but those skinny jeans don’t fit. It’s frustrating, but ask yourself, “If I freaking fantastic, does it really matter?”. The short answer is “No”.

Just keep this in mind the next time you start to feel less than perfect about your body – you are perfectly you. Love your body and rock your own brand of perfection. It will shift our whole idea of “health”.

Much Love,

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