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Most SLPs have bounced around from job to job, trying new locations, new settings and sometimes even new career paths. As SLPs we are prone to being overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid. And it can feel like it is absolutely taking everything you have just to make it through one more work day. But, despite how frequently this occurs, it doesn’t have to be this way.

I work with SLPs who are feeling overworked, overwhelmed and stressed out. I’ll help you create more balance in your life, find passion in your work again and give you tools to relieve some of the pressure that comes with being a kick-butt SLP.

You know that you once had a really big love and passion for this line of work. You try to tell yourself it will all get better “if only”, but it never seems to get any easier. Work just seems to be getting the best parts of you and you have nothing left to give to others or yourself by the end of the day.
Does this sound like you?

Take a moment to ask yourself this one, very important question: Are you living a Balanced Life as an SLP?

You might be living out of balance if:

  • You’re sick of waking up everyday, dreading going to work.
  • You’re tired of always feeling like you aren’t enough – as an SLP, an employee, a friend, a wife, a mom, a human.
  • You’re scared that if you don’t find balance now, you’ll never feel truly happy and satisfied in your life.
  • You’re over trying to strive for perfection, but feel like a failure instead.
  • You’re absolutely finished with putting everyone and everything before you, until you are absolutely tapped out.You’re ready for balanced lifestyle that allows you to be the SLP you know you are deep down.
  • You’re trying to keep going at work, but enough is enough already. Will you ever find that balance you need?
  • When you feel like you are ready to throw in the towel once and for all, the thing that keeps you going is that dream of helping people live better, while living a pretty awesome life yourself.

I believe that the best way to find this balance is to learn how to really take care of yourself. The more you give and give to take care of everyone else around you, the emptier your cups becomes. I believe the best way to live a balanced life is to fill your cup and let it overflow into all areas of your life.
Balanced living as an SLP shouldn’t be something you have to struggle with your entire career, it should be something that uplifts you from the moment you decide to  pursue this line of work.

balancedslp stressWhen your life is in balance:

  • You can feel fulfilled with your career choice, or decide, without regrets, that it is time to move on.
  • You get to enjoy your life before, during and after work.
  • You don’t have to feel stressed and overwhelmed about how you will make it through another work day.
  • You still get to go enjoy the weekends, without feeling like the dread of your work week creeping in.
  • You never have to feel like you are not enough.
  • And you get to do this in the best way possible – living a balanced life while being a kick-butt SLP.

When you work with me, the only thing you have to do is decide that this type of living is worth the work.

After working through this myself, I was able to find more balance in my lifestyle and recognize when things were starting to get out of balance again. I now have the tools I need to recognize stress and overwhelm, and do something about it before it gets really out of balance. It doesn’t mean it is always easy or perfect, but I always have the hope that it will get better again. It allows me to maintain a bit of separation and balance between my work life and the rest of my life. I have also found that I am more likely to speak up at work and as for what I need, as well as let my managers know when I am overwhelmed or taking on too much, even when it seems scary.

These practices have completely changed my life and allowed my to finally live a balanced life as an SLP.

Want to find this balance in your own life?
Join the Balanced Living for the SLP program.
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I’m here to help you find your passion for your work and life again, without adding to your overwhelm or stress. It takes dedication and isn’t always easy, but that’s what I’m here for. I’m here to help guide you through some tools that will make bringing this balance back into your life even easier.
Together, we’ll make a plan for how you want your life to be, why it is important to you, and how to start letting it be a reality. We’ll look at what your work, family and lifestyle demands are and discover how to find balance within all those needs. We’ll find ways to bring more passion into your work again or how to transition out of your workplace. And we’ll dive into all the other factors that can throw you off balance, including family time, stress, finances, resources available, and more.balancedslp rewire
You deserve all of this. You are worthy of a better, balanced life.
As you make changes, I promise to be there to help you through it and support you each step of the way, without judgement or criticism. I’ll be there to help you find the strength you need to realize you are ready for this, that you can do this, and that there is nothing that can stop you – even when your boss gives you new clients or more extra “duties” at work.

I will help you:

  • Design your day to bring you balance in work, life and time for you
  • Find hobbies and habits that fulfill you, instead of leaving you exhausted or depleted
  • Discover why your current daily routine isn’t bringing you balance, plus some ways to tweak it
  • Rethink your daily schedule and find more time
  • Add more self-care aka “me time” into your day, without sacrificing family, work or friend time
  • Get the right amount of sleep, so you wake up refreshed and ready for your day
  • Discover how your personality fits with your current and future career goals
  • Break through the limitations that you’ve placed on yourself surrounding your needs and desires
  • Find new ways to set goals for your life and work
  • Manage and lessen the things that cause stress, while getting to the root of them
  • Drop restrictions and rules that keep you from finding balance and being a fantastic SLP
  • Enjoy your balanced life as an SLP.

What’s in it for you:
Weekly 60-minute private coaching session via phone or Skype or Messenger.

Weekly Group Coaching calls: your chance to ask questions, give and get support, connect with others and set a theme for your upcoming week

Private FB Group for added support
Weekly “takeaways” to keep you motivated and create more changes throughout our time together.
Recap at the start of each session revisit any questions and see how your “takeaways went”.
Unlimited email support (and texts!) between sessions, because sometimes, you’ll have questions and need and answer before the next session.
Resources via books, articles, videos, and more throughout your session.
Guidance and coaching from a fellow SLP who has been through burn out and found passion for her career again.

Invest in You: The Balanced SLP

3 months/12 weeks,$1000 $250 (monthly payments available), includes weekly one-on-one coaching and weekly group coaching calls, plus free 1 hour consultation

***Beta Group Starting January 15th, 2018***

Only $250, now through December 20th, 2017

Only 10 spots available
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Here’s exactly how to get started:

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  • Let me know what you are looking for and why you are interested in working together.
  • If you have a specific day and time that you prefer, let me know. I’ll do my best to make it work.
  • I’ll email you back with some times and dates we can work together.

Take a second to really think about what you want to get form working together.

This is for you if…
You are ready to put in the time and energy it takes to make changes that create more balance in your life, while allowing you to grow passion for your career again (or leave it completely), throughout your lifetime
You are ready to commit to looking at all aspects of your lifestyle, not just your work stress, to create more balance and space each day
You are willing to drop your previous beliefs and notions regarding how your life “should” be and how your job “needs” to be
You are willing to accept that while it might be what you need to do, it will take some work and it will probably be difficult, raw and uncomfortable at times
You are an SLP who knows she (or he) could kick-ass at it, and all areas of life, if they could just find more balance.
But, this is not for you if…

You don’t believe in coaching or are looking for a therapist
You are looking for a quick fix in your career
You want a one-size-fits-all plan for your job burn out, without giving any input or effort
You don’t believe that other things can factor into your stress beyond your job
You want to run the show and pick apart the advice, based on what you think you want or need to do
You already have excuses for why this won’t work for you
You aren’t willing to put in the work, especially when things get hard

If you feel this way, it is ok, and this might not be for you. It doesn’t mean you are stuck or we won’t ever work together. Read a few blog posts, find what works for you and take care of yourself the way that works for you.

After reading this, are you feeling like this is exactly what  you’ve been needing?

Good. Let’s get started.
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I only work with 5 people every 3 months (except in the summer), so if you think you might be interested, let’s talk.
Be the kick-butt, Balanced SLP you were meant to be.

3 months/12 weeks,$1000 $250 (monthly payments available), includes weekly one-on-one coaching and weekly group coaching calls, plus free 1 hour consultation

***Beta Group Starting January 15th, 2018***

Only $250, now through December 20th, 2017

Only 10 spots available

***Beta means I’ll be asking for feedback on what you liked, what didn’t work for you and what you wish the program had. ***