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Having fun and enjoying your life, creating lasting and fulfilling relationships, working at a job you love and feel passionate about, all while maintaining your health through good food and enough movement can seem downright impossible.

How on earth are you supposed to find a balance of all these things when working on each one is enough to take up a full-time job?

press headerThe truth is, finding a life that you can live fully and watch as it flourishes is not so simple. It can get complicated quickly and make you wonder “Is this even worth it? What is so wrong with my life the way it is now?” Wanting more and to feel more passion about your life is a good thing. It means you are ready to create even more potential for yourself and those around you. It doesn’t make you selfish, it doesn’t mean you are ungrateful. It means you want your life to be as full as possible, so that you can create more love, health, and happiness within it. Because once you bring it in to your life, you can start to spread it and inspire others to do the same. This is how you Flourish.

So where to begin?

It can be incredibly overwhelming when you get started at reworking and reprioritizing your life. Just like any new project or habit, deciding to do it is one thing, but actually getting started is the much, much harder part. When you start to create more health and happiness, it can seem like your entire life needs an overhaul, instantly, and then it appears to be silly, frivolous, and downright impossible.

That’s why it is better to start small and make a small change, or do a small action, each day. This way you can see what works, find what resonates with your life, and get rid of what doesn’t.

And this is why I created the 21 Days to Flourish Online Event. This fun and uplifting program starts Monday, May 4th. and is designed to move you out of your comfort zone and into the new lifestyle you crave, minus all the overwhelm and fret.

Each day, you’ll take one action or one step towards creating more health and happiness in your life. You won’t have to come up with it on your own or make your own action plan, which can create even more overwhelm. You’ll get 21 steps handed to you, via email, along with my daily guidance and support. I’ll be doing this challenge right along with you, and you’ll in 21 Days (5)be able to see the proof each day on FB, Instagram, and Twitter, where I’ll post a picture for each day. I’d love to see your picture as well (with the daily hashtag) as we work together to uplift your life and make it Flourish.

For all the specifics on how it works and how to sign up, check out the 21 Days to Flourish page here

When you join, you are taking the first step and joining a community of other people ready to make a big shift in their lives. You also get the chance to inspire others, have fun, and take doable actions each day, to create even bigger changes in your life.

Are you ready to Flourish? If you are ready to sign up, enter your email below! If you’ve already subscribed, look for your first 21 Days to Flourish email, with instructions, coming this weekend. 

I can’t wait to go through this program with you.

Much Love,

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