Missing Detox Piece

Missing Detox Piece

With most Detox programs, you are given a set plan of action that thoroughly details the time length, what you eat, how you do or don’t move, and what is off-limits for the length of the detox. If it is a good plan, you don’t feel deprived, and after a few days you feel energized, more focused, and maybe have even balanced out a bit with your weight You may have discovered some new favorite foods and learned which foods don’t agree with your system. You may have found a new groove with your fitness and let go of your former beliefs around exercising. Jessi Meditation Headshot

Then the program ends and 2 weeks later, you find yourself right back where you were before started. You’ve gained back the weight, quit the workouts, and find yourself mindlessly eating. The reason? You had a good detox program, but not a great one. 

 A great detox is rare to find. Most programs stick to the two basics – food and fitness. They may offer a group program, come in the form of a book, or be a self-study online program. You may do a good program with a health coach, nutritionist, or personal trainer. You may have a friend that goes through it with you. But if it only contains these bare minimums, it will be good, but never great.

A great detox program goes above and beyond to ensure the changes you make are for a lifetime, not just a few weeks post-cleanse. A great detox teaches you how to apply everything you learn during the cleanse and after, to make these changes stick. A great detox contains the biggest missing piece that makes all of this happen, and it’s much more simple than you might think. What is that missing piece that takes it from good to great? Find out in my recent Huffington Post article, where I discuss the one thing missing from your detox program. 

connectionYou can read it here

After reading come back and share your experience with a detox program, and if it included this missing piece or not. Leave your story in the comments below. You might help someone find a better program, or perhaps find the one you need. 

If you are looking for a few “great” programs, you’ll find a complete detox in my book, Detox 101 as well as the upcoming, self-study program, 21 Day Modern Detox, releasing this September. You can find out more here. And of course, if you want to go beyond a detox and completely overhaul your lifestyle, stay tuned for the Flourish Lifestyle Course, launching later this fall. 

Take the plunge and get ready to go from good to great.

Much Love, 

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