Inner Grandma

The other night I decided to kick back, put my feet up, and watch some TV. There wasn’t anything I was dying to watch, so I flipped through a few channels and settle on the FoodNetwork. It looked like they had a few episodes of “Chopped” coming up, so I thought at the very least it would be entertaining and not overload my mind.

What I didn’t expect was for it to inspire this week’s blog post. 

The “Chopped” episode was title “Grandma vs Grandma” and was just about the cutest, most loving episode of any competition I have ever seen. The contestants cried for each other, the judges cried, and everyone spoke about the nostalgia around their own Grandma’s recipes. It was so good and full of love, I made my husband watch it with me when he got home.

It wasn’t just the novelty of the episode, or the gimmick of having grannies run around their kitchen that struck me. It was how the Grandmother’s competed with each other. These ladies were fearless, unapologetic, and competitive. But they did it all with love and without judgement. These ladies shared their own wisdom, recipes, and unique gifts without blasting the others.

 Be A GrandmaIt was the best competition I’ve ever seen, and I learned far more from it than how to make a oatmeal cookies with ice cream on a whim. 

I learned that when you embrace your inner grandma, you drop the judgement, step into your confidence, and help each other to shine without dimming your own light.

As Mother’s Day fast approaches, you might find yourself around a group of women – aunts, your Mom, your Grandma, sisters, friends, foes. Instead of competing with them to knock them down and rise to the top alone, embrace your inner grandma and allow everyone to shine in their own light.

Here’s how you can embrace your Inner Grandma:

Be Fearless:

These Grandma’s went for it, without wondering what others would think. They used what they had, went for it, and left it all on the table each round. During the desserts, one grandma made oatmeal cookies and through in some ice cream. She’d never done it before, but she thought “Why not?”. She put her heart into it and dropped the fear on if it would be good enough, right, wrong, or not enough. When you go for something, a goal or a dream, be fearless. If something makes sense to you, but is not the norm, go for it. Be bold, be brave, and be fearless.

Be Unapologetic:

These ladies were there to win. They wanted the prize money to fund a restaurant, gather their families for a trip, feed children in Thailand, and travel on mission trips for their church. They knew why they were there and they were unapologetic about wanting to win. They weren’t brutal and didn’t judge anyone’s reason as being better than another’s. In fact, they praised each other’s efforts while admitting they still wanted to win.  When you go for something, be honest and truthful. Don’t hold back about your intentions or plan. Be unapologetic in your endeavors and follow your path to greatness.

Be Lovingly Competitive:subscribe

The Grandma’s were loving, but they were there to win. They were fearless and unapologetic about it, but they were also competitive. However, their way of competing was much different than the norm on the show. They didn’t bash, judge, or break each other down, but instead did their best with each recipe and even helped out others when needed. One woman finished early, and saw another was falling behind, so she ran and grabbed some plates for her. They had confidence in their dishes, while cheering each other on. They kept their eye on the prize ahead, while acknowledging each others greatness. They stuck to their guns and allowed room for others to stick to theirs. The next time you are in a competition, notice how you compete. Do you judge, ridicule, and cut the others down? Instead, what if you acknowledged their efforts, wished them luck, and did your very best? You might find that instead of being alone, you have a new crew to grow with.

As women, it is easy to get into a competition over who is a better wife, Mom, cook, housekeeper, boss, guru, role model, etc. It’s easy to compare bodies, jobs, lifestyles, and pick each other apart. Especially when you get together in a group, like on Mother’s Day.

Instead of breaking each other down, let’s build each other up. Be fearless, be unapologetic, and be lovingly competitive while encouraging others around you to shine.

Now it’s your turn:

How can you embrace your Inner Grandma? In the comments below, tell me how you normally compete or how you react around other women and what you can do to be more like a grandma from here on out. 

Much Love,

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