Grow Your Health and Happiness

grow your lifestyleWhen you need more than just a month to grow your health and happiness, this 6 week program is just what you need.

In 7 sessions, you’ll move from a place on non-action, to a place of taking action, creating changes, and growing within your newly designed lifestyle.

You’ll have the time to discover and connect to what drives you in your life and what is holding you back from creating more. Instead of focusing on just the things that are lacking, you’ll be able to focus on the things that are thriving and find the balance between the two. When you life becomes more balanced, your health thrives, your happiness shines, and you have more space to grow in all aspects of your newly defined lifestyle.

Growing your life is about letting your health and happiness take center stage, as you continue to grow within them.

This program is designed to help you unleash your dreams, as you create more balance in your life and health. By releasing the blocks around your health, the limitations in your life, and the preconceived ideas surrounding your health and happiness, you’ll find more space to let your dreams grown, your health flourish, and your happiness soar.

In 6 weeks, you’ll get the exact tools you need to grow your dreams, your health, and your life.

What You’ll Get:

–  7 Private coaching session for 1 hour each

– Clarify what you want your health and happiness (aka your life) to be during and after 6 weeks

– Determine what your goals are for your health and happiness for the long haul

– Rewire your notions of health to include lifestyle practices and habits beyond food and fitness

– Grow deeper in your personal habits surrounding health, self-care, relationships, and spirituality

– Create an Action Plan to put to use during the 6 weeks

– Refine your Action Plan for growing more after the 6 weeks of sessions

– Ongoing support via email during the session program


Your Investment:
$1075 for 7 sessions (6 weeks)
or 4 payments of $300 each

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