time to flourish

Today is the official launch of the Flourish Video Series. I have been brainstorming, meditating, and thinking about these ideas and this out of the box way of looking at health for quite some time. For me, its as if all the things I have been studying, teaching, writing, and envisioning have all come together for the start of this program.

The reason the Flourish Video Series is a bit different that most health and wellness programs, is because we aren’t going to talk about food or fitness, in fact today’s video will detail exactly what we are going to talk about and why its not how you move or what you eat. Deep down, we all know the basics of eating well and moving our bodies. There can be some confusion, and it can be hard to do, but we know the basics and that can go a long way. The hard part is sticking to it.

Diets were something I thought everyone had to live on. If you weren’t focusing on staying in the best shape ever, then what were you focused on? Once I reached the ideal weight range, I, much like many other people, struggled to stay in the same zone, constantly striving to fit into the ideal images presented by the media.

As a pre-teen I was overweight and as a teenager, I either held onto weight or was quite thin. My body had a hard tome finding the in between balance and I always felt a little “off”. When I was at my heaviest, thinnest, and in between, I often felt judged by others and judged by myself. And I never once felt really healthy or happy in my body. It wasn’t until I went to college and met other girls who were dealing with similar issues that I understood the way we were looking at our bodies and health was unhealthy and would only leave us all unhappy in our lives and bodies.

When it comes to long term health and happiness, we need to look beyond food and fitness into the other aspects of life, which is what you’ll start with today.

In the Flourish Video Series, you’ll finally get the chance to look beyond the usual suspects and figure out what you need to create optimal health and happiness in your life. You’ll discover the aspects of your health beyond food and fitness, find out where you are lacking in your life and health, change your mindset to attract more well-being, and create the life you love to live.

The series launches this afternoon and runs for 4 weeks, but you’ve got to be on the list to receive the emails. You can sign up here. If you aren’t sure it is for you, the entire series is free, so there is no cost and no worries. If you need more info, you can find it here.

I can’t wait to share this with you!

Much Love,

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