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Most days, I feel pretty happy and excited about the life I have created and continue to create. I get to do work that I love, socialize with like-minded people at my “job”, live in a home I adore, and spend time with my dogs. I get to see my husband every day, even if it is only for a few moments. In general, there is a lot of love.

Sure, there are days that aren’t spectacular, times when I feel sad, moments where I am so not happy, but they aren’t my entire life. They pass by or I work my way through them.

But it wasn’t always this way. 

Live a Life You LoveThere was a time in my life where I was absolutely miserable. I looked great on the outside and felt terrible on the inside. I had stomach aches, I was tired all the time, I was super grumpy and snappy, and I just wasn’t myself. I was stressed, anxious, and my mind went about a mile a minute.

This time was during the first few years of my marriage and the year or so leading up to it.

It was also when I bought my first (our second) home, graduated from school, and started working in my “chosen” career. It was when I felt suddenly plucked out of growing up into a world of financial responsibility, debt, lackluster days, and absolutely no passion for life.

Not really the honeymoon period I had imagined.

I felt so frustrated and angry all the time and I took it out on my husband. I blamed it on being married and tied down. It almost cost me everything and led me to say something I’ll never forget “I don’t want to be married”.

Thankfully, this is quite different from the life I lead now, but honestly, it might not be that different fromsubscribe the life you lead. Many people I know, and maybe you or a loved one, might feel in a similar situation. Stuck, unlucky, and not excited about the direction of their life. In a word, miserable.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way for you either. I was able to figure out a few things when I decided to do the hard thing – be completely honest with myself and my husband about how I felt. It was so hard, but so worth it. I’d love for you to read the rest of my story today on The Huffington Post.

If you are looking to create some major changes in your life and work through the misery, through the scary parts, to the absolutely amazing life of your dreams, I’d love to have you join me for the Flourish Series. The Free video series is out now, and the full program, 21 Days to Flourish, will be open for registration in two weeks.

You don’t have to feel stuck and miserable in your life. Find health and happiness today, and start living fully.

I dare you to give it a shot 😉 I’m so happy I did.

Much Love,

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