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Lately, life has thrown a few curve-balls in my direction, leading me to feel both huge joy and huge sadness. I have felt stress, anxiety, contentment, peace, uncertainty, and anger all in the course of a week. Sound crazy, I promise, it’s not. Sometimes life gets thrown in a million different directions and major things happen. The ability to know that underneath it all I am still healthy and still truly happy are what keep me grounded and help me work through the ups and downs.

If there is one thing I know for certain, it’s that we all, each and everyone of us, deserve to be healthy and happy throughout our lifetime. No matter what life throws at you, the ability to maintain an inner state of happiness and an overall healthy outlook on life, your body, and your mind is your innate right. You deserve to feel healthy, you deserve to be happy and you deserve to live fully.

The problem is, it is much harder than it seems. You might get torn down by circumstances, or perhaps you, or someone else, tear you down by deciding you are not good enough as you are. You might find yourself moving to extremes just to make yourself reach the impossible standards you’ve accidentally set up.

Not sure you can relate? It might be more real than it seems.

Real Reason No HealthChances are at one point in time you’ve decided you didn’t like the way you looked or felt and decided to make a change. You started a diet, established a workout routine, had major success and then fell right back into your former routine. You felt emotions ranging from nervous to amazing to bored to defeated. You desperately wanted to rid yourself of this roller-coaster of ups and downs. You wanted to be healthy and happy with your life.

So what did you do about it? You started the whole cycle over again.

Time after time, you set yourself up for huge changes but you never quite reach the pieces of the puzzle that create the whole picture. You take a few chunks, work them like crazy to make them fit, and find yourself lacking, unsatisfied, and ready to give up.

It’s not your fault. It’s just the way you’ve been taught to look at health your entire life. You’ve been told that true happiness comes from looking a certain way. Only then will you feel the way you want to feel and only then will all the pieces fall into place. So what do you do? You focus on food and fitness, push yourself to the limit to reach someone’s ideal of perfection, and then flounder afterward when you realize you aren’t really all that healthy or happy. But without any alternatives, you end up starting over again, hoping for a new result, only to find real health and happiness are still out of reach.

In order to really get healthy and happy, you have to dig a little deeper, release others ideals, and discover what you really want your life to look and feel like. It is not easy, it takes time and dedication, and it can get quite uncomfortable. You might realize along the way that quite a few big pieces of your life are missing and some of the pieces you have don;t really fit anymore. It can be scary, but most important discoveries are.

In the upcoming 4-week Flourish Video Series, I’ll help you find the missing pieces to your health and happiness as you create the life you want to live.subscribe

In the 4-week series, you’ll discover other aspects of health, beyond food and fitness, and why these are so important to creating lasting changes.

You’ll uncover the pieces of your life that are lacking and learn how these are dragging your happiness and health down the drain.

You’ll also learn how to what you think has a direct effect on how you feel, and how the words you use can change your health and happiness in huge ways.

And most importantly, after all of this work, you’ll put together everything you learned to start creating your Ideal Life, full of the health and happiness you’ve always envisioned.

Starting March 23rd through April 13th, I’ll share with you progressive steps to uncover your own health and happiness. Each week, you’ll receive videos, along with worksheets and guidance to help create changes and make them stick. These will go in-depth on the topics discussed earlier in this email. To get access to the videos when they release, you’ll need to join the Flourish newsletter. You can sign up here.

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I look forward to working with you and watching you Flourish!

Much Love,

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