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We are all sitting around waiting for something to change – for the weight to come off, for our hair to be longer, for our job to get better, for the next big project to finish, for our partner to propose, or for the right man to come along.

We spend weeks, months, and even years thinking, “if only this could happen, then life would be perfect and I could be happy”. We make our wishes for things to change and continue to wait for it to happen. We continue to wait for our lives to become perfect.First Step

And while we wait for things to happen and changes to appear, life passes by. We sit back and wait for the world to make changes for us, rather than taking the first step and creating what we want, need, and crave in our lives. Instead of getting to experience each day and really live life, we sit, wait, and wish for changes.

But what would happen if we stopped waiting and took charge of our lives?

I bet your life would change. You’d find health and happiness were around every corner, ready for you to grab hold of them and add them to your life. You have more fulfilled days, be satisfied with your work, and maintain a deep happiness even when the world throws a few hurtles your way. You’d be vibrantly healthy, energized, and balanced in all areas of your life.

Once you stop waiting for life to begin, it starts to Flourish.

Isn’t it about time to Flourish?

I sure do think so.

And that’s why I am super excited for the 21 Days to Flourish online event, starting May 4th.

21 Days to Flourish is a free online event that will help create change subscribeand build your community of like-minded folks. This is often the missing chuck to our health efforts – we start making changes, but then have no one to talk to about it, ask questions, or make changes with.

In 21 Days to Flourish, you’ll get a daily action, such as “Step away from work and responsibilities for a few moments today with your favorite read” or “Nourish your body and soul with your favorite type of movement today for as long feels good” . These will be sent to you through your email. You do the action and build community by posting a picture of it on your Social Media account(s), using the given hashtag (#) for the day. This isn’t all about the selfies, it’s about supporting each other, getting out of your comfort zone, and sparking big changes with small, totally doable steps.

After 21 Days, you’ll have daily tools you can use to create a life you love and friends to cheer you on as you do so. You can find all the details and sign up here.

If you watched the Flourish Video Series, this will be a continuation of what you learned, using small daily actions to put forth some big changes in your life. If you haven’t watched these videos, you can find them here. 

If you have any questions, refer to the 21 Days to Flourish page or email me

I can’t wait to have you join this exciting and uplifting (free) program. It’s going to be amazing!

Much Love,

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