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Last week, I found myself sitting at my doctors office. Because I rarely go, we took the opportunity to catch up on things and what was going on in my life. I mentioned my Health Coaching career, article writing, and new site.

I also mentioned that my book had been published.

Her response in a nutshell – “That is so amazing! I always loved writing, and even won awards as a teenager. In college, I gave it up, because I wanted to be a doctor thought I had to focus solely on sciences. I have so many stories and ideas, but now I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”

We talked about a few things that were difficult – finding time to write, deciding what to write about, and how the brain tends to empty out right when you finally decide to sit down.

We also joked about how when you are least expecting it, aren’t even thinking about it, or are just plain relaxing, ideas pop in like crazy.

The truth is, when you really want to go for something, it is often hard to pull the trigger, no matter how ready you are. And this isn’t just related to writing. I’m sure you’ve been through this in some way. You have an idea for something – a career, a blog post, a recipe, a party, a to-do for your list – but when you go to actually do the task, it all leaves your thoughts.

let go of fearWhy is this? In a word – fear.

Not the don’t-pet-the-wild-bear type of fear, but the what-if-i-fail-and-no-one-likes-me type of fear.

You might find this fear creeps up and blocks idea from flowing, or that it blocks you from moving forward in other aspects of your life. It could be as simple as stopping you from going to a yoga class or as complex as not allowing you to have fulfilling relationships.

So how do you get past fears that keep you from moving forward?

Start with one step, as hard or simple as it is: Move forward.

The way to beat that fear is to do it anyway. Move forward and go for it.

Now easier said than done, right? How do you move forward, if you can’t move forward?

Just get started. Take it small or just start somewhere.

Let’s say you want to write, you have great ideas, but the moment you start, everything dissolves. If you are having trouble writing your ideas, just start writing. Make an outline, write about a different topic, or just type out what is on your mind at the moment. Just starting will bring you into a rhythm and a groove, where your brain ad body will start to relax and the ideas will flow out with ease. You can always edit or you just might find a new topic unfolded.

Maybe you keep talking yourself out of yoga or procrastinating until its too late to head out the door.subscribeGo anyway, even if you drive passed the studio and head right back home. The next time, you’ll know the way, have a better feel for it, and you’ll be more likely to go back.

Any time you feel this little that little twinge of doubt flair up or a little voice saying “no way, not you”, or your mind goes blank when you need thoughts the most, simply take one step, whether its in the right direction or not, and move forward. You’ll start to show fear that it isn’t going to win and you’ll start to get more accomplished.

Why is this so important to your health and happiness?

Because you can do it and you are worth it. When you are doing the things that pop into your mind when you are relaxed, and make you excited  or ignite a little spark, you are doing the things that make you feel alive. The more you can break down the walls of fear and really enjoy your time, whatever it may be, the less stressed you are and the happier you are.

Whatever it is, challenge yourself to take a small step, even if it feels like it’s not quite what you imagined. Once you get going, the stress will ease, thoughts will come flooding back, and you’ll be ready to take a step forward.

In the comments below, tell me, what thing does fear block from your mind and what is one step you can take to push the fear out and move forward?

Much Love,

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