The Six Pillars to Health and Happiness (Free Training Series)

4 comments on “The Six Pillars to Health and Happiness (Free Training Series)
  1. Willow says:

    My marriage needs to bd rekindled! I’m excited to rejuvenate my partnership with my spouse.

    • says:

      So excited to have you join in! Love is such an important part of our health – and a big topic to be discussed on Saturday’s video!

  2. Denise says:

    I’m getting to these videos a bit late. Just didn’t have enough time before. I feel absolutely stuck in my career and I need to find a way to have a more flexible life. I have two kids that I feel like I don’t get to see enough. I would love nothing more than to get them from school and help with their homework, volunteer at their school and for the HDSA which really needs help. I’m trapped at work all day in a job that doesn’t challenge me at all. I need a change, but don’t know what to do.

    • says:

      Keep doing the work (in life) that you are doing to make things better for you, and remember it is all one step at a time. Even though it seems small at times, it all adds up. You’ve got this girl!

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