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the MountaintopThis time last week, I was on a mega hike to a huge rock, ready to (not) jump off of it into a deep, dark, cold but refreshing pond. After everyone jumped and I scooted into the water, we had a picnic, swam more, and enjoyed the sunshine, bursts of wind, and company of each other. Then we hiked the long trek through the woods to pick blueberries, sit on the porch and stare at the stars, and enjoy good drinks with family and friends. 

The theme for last week could easily be labeled “Vacation Bliss” and this week could just as easily be called “Post Vacation Haze”. 

While we were on our vacation, we were in the mountains, without any call phone signal or electricity. It took out some of the “modern” distractions, and left us with plenty of extra time. I read, hiked, and got back into my daily yoga practiced. 

Set the themeEach morning, I would drink coffee, read for a few minutes, and eat breakfast. Then as Barry (my husband) headed off to fish while the temp was still cool, I unrolled my yoga mat under an apple tree and practiced until I was finished. 

There were no time restraints, no music glitches, and no distractions. I was able to tune in and check out, moving exactly how my mind and body needed me to on that particular day. Some days were slow and steady, stretching out after two days in the car. Other days were more intense, waking me up after a shorter nights sleep. 

I would follow-up each practice with a meditation, something I am usually quite slack about, but I couldn’t help myself in the serenity of the mountains and the lake. I would go to my daily mantra, creating a theme around it for my practice and into my meditation. My mantra for the week was “Wave. Rock.”. 

After being back, I realized how important that daily practice was for my life and for my week. It helped me feel balanced but aware, in tune but not plugged in, and connected without being attached. For the first time in a long time, I felt at ease, joyful, and more like myself. 

Creating a theme for your week can be absolutely transformative, but can also be very hard to do.JOIN
It can feel silly, stupid, and useless, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves. In reality, creating a theme can give you a reminder on a daily basis of what your intentions are, what your true nature is, and how the choices you make and reactions you have can lead you there. 

In the upcoming weeks, I will be leading a weekly theme, or intention, on my Instagram page.

Each Monday, we’ll set the tone with a new weekly theme, including a meditation practice and mantra to use. Much like the themes of a yoga a class, these will help to guide you a little deeper to your true nature and the you that sometimes gets buried underneath the distractions of the world. 

I won’t be posting the themes here on the blog, so you’ll have to join and follow on Instagram to receive them.

What theme seems to show up the most for you in your own life? Leave it below for a chance to have it featured on the Weekly Instagram Themes. 

Much Love, 

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