ready to move forward

A few weeks ago, someone asked me the question “If you could sum up your intentions for the new year in 2 words, what would they be?”  Without hesitation, I responded “Move Forward.” Not because the previous year was bad or let me down, or because I felt stuck. In fact I found more growth, happiness and balance in the last year than I could have hoped for. Moving Forward was simply my way of honoring all that has grown, changed and flourished recently by not limiting myself and by fulfilling some big dreams.

That is how this new site came to be. Since the beginning of last year, I have been struggling with a decision – as I move forward with books, programs, magazine articles, and changing views on health and happiness, where does The House of Healthy fit in? What is my brand, my style, and my voice? How do I move from a site of recipes and workouts to something I am even more passionate about? And how do I bring it forward, without abandoning something that I love?

My biggest struggle was knowing I was ready to take a big step forward, but abandoning my blog and you, the readers, wasn’t the right thing to do.

And then I had a thought “Why not just create a separate site? If it is two different voices and two different concepts, why not two different sites?” Following that hit of intuition is exactly what has lead me, and you, here today, to a brand new site with a brand new message.

Welcome to, the place where you can ditch the rules and finally be healthy and happy. 

I’ll be here each week to challenge you to change your views on what makes a healthy life, give you actionable steps towards creating lasting health and happiness, and help you ditch stress, guilt, and the “shoulds” that infuse your life.

You won’t find many recipes or workouts here, those are reserved for The House of Healthy, which will still be up and running, with new posts throughout the week. What you will find is weekly posts, featuring action steps and immediate takeaways to help you sort through the myths around health and happiness. I’ll be giving you real life strategies and insights to help you flourish in your own life.

In addition to weekly tips and strategies, you can also find information on transformative programs, such as 21 Days to Flourish.  We’ll work together, one-on-one or with community support, to discover what has been holding you back from health and happiness and take the steps to make lasting changes.

This site is here to help you feel good about yourself, honor your body, and find peace of mind. It’s about
taking steps and moving forward. So welcome to your new place for lasting health and wellness. I can’t wait to work with you and grow our community. Take a peek around and see what there is for you here. If you like what you see, subscribe to the newsletter or sign up for a program. Thank you so much for being a part of this community of like-minded people, ready to make a change and for making a commitment to your own health and happiness.

It’s time to change, time to move forward, and time to Flourish. Are you ready?

If you are ready, start with a small action today. Join in the community by leaving a comment below with your biggest health struggle and what you hope to learn here. Then make sure to head over to Facebook and Instagram to follow along for more tips and insights throughout the week.

Much Love,

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Registration is now open for the first session of 21 Days to Flourish, starting February 2nd. I can’t wait to help you move forward and flourish this year.