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Stress and overwhelm are two of the biggest issues SLPs are facing each day. It comes from workloads, caseloads, too high or too low expectations, poor recognition, unfair salaries and, sometimes, judgement from others and ourselves. This stress can seep into our daily lives and wreak havoc on personal life, professional life and throw everything out of balance. It can make it so that just the thought of going to work makes your head ache, your muscles tense up and your stomach curl, along with racing thoughts and worry. When you feel like you are stuck feeling this way forever, and that you have no options but to continue down this path, it can lead you towards burnout, health issues and more.

If you have ever felt this way, you are not alone.

For many SLPs, no matter how much we try to change our schedule, rearrange our caseload or reduce our extra work, the daily job can still leave us feeling stressed and exhausted. This is because Speech Therapy, no matter what setting, is considered a “Helping Profession”. These are professions where you are responsible for helping another person to improve their life in some way. It can be a huge responsibility, and when done all day, multiple days week, can leave you feeling drained and worn out. As SLPs, we often give so much of ourselves, talk and communicate for hours upon hours each day, and have little time left to recharge and nourish ourselves at the end of the day.

One thing that can help is to take time to stop, pause and be still. This can sometimes be taking a break to go for a quiet walk outside, turning off the lights in your office and sitting quietly, or listening to an audio and allowing someone else to talk to you for a change. It can also be sitting to check in with yourself through a quiet, nourishing meditation.

In this Meditation Library, you’ll find meditation practices and mindful recordings to help you fill your cup a little more, so, when the time comes to give a little to someone else, you have plenty to pull from.

  • Basic Meditation
    Learn to Meditate and Reduce...
  • Breathwork + Meditation
    Breathe to Focus during Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation
    Use a phrase to focus...


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